gum blowup


Laura Valentino works with traditional photographic processes and is inspired by the aesthetics of pictorialism.

"My work explores sensuality and beauty in the classic themes of landscape, portraiture, and the human form. The focus is to grasp the timeless and universal in present day subjects. Working with analog processes is a tactile approach which allows me the time and space to achieve layers of separation from the subject matter. In this manner, a magic can occur to express something beyond an accurate reproduction."

Silver Gelatin

The silver gelatins are created using a process of contact-printed intermediate negatives and printed in a traditional b&w darkroom.

The final images are printed on warm tone fiber paper. Prices range from 175-275 euro, including an archival window mat and backing.

Gum Bichromate

Gum Bichromate prints get their color from watercolor pigments mixed with a light sensitive solution. Layers of this solution are exposed and developed in turn, until the desired effect is achieved. Gum printing often produces unpredictable results - slight variations at any stage of the process can make a difference in the final product. Each print is unique.

The images shown are printed on soft white 100% cotton rag paper. Prices range from 400-650 euro, including an archival window mat and backing.


A selection of works are on display for sale or rent at Artotek, or make an appointment to view specific works.